If you conflict with food and you can't lose weight...

"Discover how to achieve a healthy and natural relationship with food and with your body, losing weight automatically, without having to vote a no type of physical or dietary discipline! "

(You will just have to relax and let yourself go)

Dear friend,

If you want permanently transform your relationship with food, forever erasing all conflicts and psychological suffering, without having to undergo any diet (you know very well that they don't work! And it's not your fault) this could be the most important information you will read. Here because…

My name is Manuel and I am a molecular biologist and author of blog manuelcasadei.com that matters more than 20.000 members. For 28 years I have been a passionate experimenter of strategies to increase health and well-being in a natural way.

I just created one special guided relaxation audio track with specific voice prompts and white noises to transform you from within in a person who finds it easy and natural to eat healthy using the right portions, and who I called ...


An aid to improve eating behavior passively, while relaxing or sleeping.

After payment you will be redirected to the thank you page on which you will find all the download links and you will also receive an email to access all the files.

What do the first who listened to AUDIO FOOD REVOLUTION say

Three important reasons why you should believe what I am saying

REASON N.1: There are several Scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of passive listening to audio with instructions that stimulate the unconscious to manage the relationship with food in a more healthy and functional way, just like AUDIO FOOD REVOLUTION (see the section "sources and resources" at the end of the page)

REASON N.2: I take any risk off your shoulders for the purchase of this audio and take it on with one total satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase, just let us know and you will get a full refund immediately.

REASON N.3: I am now hundreds of customers who are successfully using the online courses I have created in the area of ​​eating habits and eating behavior (also in collaboration with Ruth, the psychologist expert in eating disorders who is part of my team).

Also, I have an arsenal of testimonials from my clients based on concrete results. These are real people who have achieved real results using my strategies. You'll hear from some of my clients in a minute. 

And of course these are NOT fake. Each of these is 100% authentic and most of them came to my inbox or Whatsapp completely spontaneously - without me even needing to ask for a testimonial to be sent - because when a person is enthusiastic about the results obtained is looking forward to sharing their successes with the whole world!

My track AUDIO FOOD REVOLUTION gives you the powerful resources of your unconscious to achieve a healthier and more natural relationship with food and with your body, consequently you can also lose excess weight and feel better, from the first listen.

Here is a taste of the help you can get in improving your eating habits thanks to listening to the track ...


  • Your unconscious will receive precise directions to learn a reduce the desire to high-calorie foods and harmful
  • The desire to use healthier and more functional foods your health and well-being can automatically appear within your daily eating habits (which will tend to generate a new beneficial "addiction")
  • A sense of relaxation and well-being they will soon begin to take the place of stress and bad mood
  • The voice instructions you receive will act on the best part of you by stimulating it to implement a positive change
  • White background noises will intensify the production of alpha waves associated with relaxation and creativity
  • In the morning you will wake up more rested and regenerated, with more positive momentum to face the new day
  • La stress reduction on a daily basis that you will experience will lead you to better weight control
  • Better sleep is associated with better control ofinsulin and sugars, to a better mental and physical shape (including the beauty of the skin - especially of the face)

AUDIO FOOD REVOLUTION includes two different audio tracks in MP3 format:

  1. 1
    The track for guided morning relaxation (duration: 19 minutes) divided into 4 tracks (without background sounds, with rain sound, with sea sound, with stream sound)
  2. 2
    The track for guided evening relaxation (duration: 25 minutes) also divided into 4 tracks (without background sounds, with the sound of the rain, with the sound of the sea, with the sound of the stream)

So AUDIO FOOD REVOLUTION includes a total of 8 different tracks audio, so that you can use the variant that best suits your personal taste, thus accessing complete and pleasant relaxation.

So AUDIO FOOD REVOLUTION includes these variations of tracks with sounds of nature such as rain, waves and creek (also called white noises) which have been shown to activate alpha wave formation in the brain.

Le alpha waves they are associated with relaxation, mental calmness, creativity and problem solving - this also means you could wake up with the solution to a problem that has been bothering you for some time, thanks to simply listening to these audios.

As the degree of relaxation increases, the depth of the level of consciousness increases, each level of consciousness is marked by a specific one rhythm of brain waves. 

Starting from the waking state, you may gradually cross the threshold of alpha waves (common in listening to guided relaxation audio) and reach levels of rlaxamento deeper and deeper...


During the weeks I was busy doing research and development for some special content dedicated to certain aspects of the unconscious level, I got an idea ... Why not create a track as well audio for guided relaxation?

I spoke to Ruth, the English psychologist on my team, who was thrilled to take care of the creation of this unique content. I did not imagine that she herself was a regular user of this passive method for personal change.

Yes, in fact I was happy to hear from her that she used it often and with great results the method of guided relaxation to improve certain aspects of his life that he intended to improve.

So he knows this particular discipline perfectly and, after carefully reading the contents of these audio tracks, I was struck by the quality and strength of this treatment for the unconscious, and I can't wait for you to experience all this on your own!

In practice, these are two MP3 audio files (downloadable) with a duration of 19 minutes the first audio of the morning e 25 minutes the second audio of the evening, in which my narrator will guide you to a deep relaxation...

When you have reached a state of relaxation, of the powerful suggestions they will be installed in your unconscious without you having to do anything other than letting yourself go more and more following the positive and relaxing influence of these audios.

While listening to the evening audio track you can relax to the point of fall asleep, and this will make no difference in the effectiveness it will express. Indeed, during the unconsciousness of sleep, these inductions will be more free of reach your unconscious level without finding any resistance on the part of your reasoning side.

That's why I call it passive method: all you have to do is let yourself go, relax and, if this happens, even fall asleep, while the audio works on your positive change.

I believe that this audio track based on the guided relaxation method will be fun, stimulating and beneficial for your personal transformation journey, because it includes specific suggestions for reduce overabundant nutritionstart healthy eating and a lifestyle that generates well-being.

In addition, specific suggestions have been included in these audios to help you lose weight e get back in shape. These instructions - which your unconscious will receive - will be for him like commands that he must execute with the aim of leading you on the path of health, well-being and top psychophysical form ever.

It's not all…


In addition to AUDIO FOOD REVOLUTION and the possibility of finally transforming yourself into a person who loves to eat in a healthy and balanced way, and staying away from harmful foods, you are also about to receive 2 GIFTS ...

First gift


It contains 4 complete weekly plans from Monday to Sunday for a total of 28 daily patterns (7 daily patterns covering the 7 days of each of the 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn). 

And with MOS (multi-option-healthy).

Guide in PDF format of 74 pages (printable)

Here are some of the contents that I have included in the new edition of PAC7:

  • Un detailed food plan from Monday to Sunday with the most suitable foods for each of the 4 seasons of the year and including numerous options for breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners to get the greatest benefits in terms of health, longevity and fitness.
  • An in-depth appendix full of suggestions of very recent acquisition to make a huge leap forward in its diet regarding health, weight loss, balance of bacterial flora.
  • Different special recipes (always according to the PAC7 philosophy based on healthiness, speed of preparation, availability of raw materials and taste).
  • As find food easily that you need in your food plan.
  • Tricks for self-manage at your best in every situation.

Inside PAC7 you will find 521 alternative proposals among which:

  • 249 snacks
  • 111 lunches
  • 82 breakfasts
  • 79 dinners

Second gift


Contains 3 tables to guide you in choosing healthy foods and drinks. A simple guide to always know what to put in the cart and what to leave on the shelf.

Inside you will find yourself numerous foods including vegetables, cereals, fresh fruit and nuts, seeds, oils and drinks including juices, plant and animal milks, dairy products, meat, fish, algae, mushrooms, etc.

Guide in PDF format (printable)

At this point you are wondering "how much does all this cost"

I do not hide from you that in the past I have carried out this type of relaxation guided by a professional who asked me € 50 per session.

The treatment I had carried out was on a weekly basis and lasted 5 months. If you do a quick arithmetic count of you will realize that we are talking about a total of € 1.000

Now I know that I could have carried out a completely similar treatment with an audio track recorded and listened to every evening ... but, imagine if I had wanted to carry out the relaxation guided by the same person: the cost in this case would have been of € 5.000

Now. I could sell this exclusive audio track for € 100 or more, but honestly I prefer to significantly reduce my income at this stage to allow you to try (without even having to think about it) this little gem of personal change ...

… Yes, because I am sure that when you have started experiencing the first positive results from listening to my audio, you will ask me to continue on the path of positive transformation of your diet and lifestyle with one of the other programs I have created for this purpose. 

So, I have reserved a big discount for you! 

€ 47 Salt € 27

Offer valid within the next 24 hours. After which the price will revert to € 47.

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Offer expired!


"Those who decide quickly, avoiding procrastination, tend to obtain better results"

After payment you will be redirected to the thank you page on which you will find all the download links and you will also receive an email to access all the files.

Now, I know you will probably be skeptical. This is both normal and healthy. But… don't take my words as they are. 


"Thanks above all to Manuel - creator of the program - every topic that is inside comes alive with energy, managing to load up the willpower that each of us has but which cannot always be used easily."

Julie Farr

New Media Writer

"... At first I was a little doubtful if it could be a valid thing, if it really could work, but in the end I decided to try to get involved and give myself another chance to conquer the much desired freedom from food, and I have to to say that it was the best choice I have made in my life."

Sara Giacobbi

Rome (RM)

Do the instant download of AUDIO FOOD REVOLUTION and bonus not to miss the 24-hour discount:

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Can there be any side effects? (click to open)

Guided relaxation audios should be avoided as a precaution in people suffering from seizures.


How long will it take to see the first results? (click to open)

The longer the listening time, the greater the benefits. 

That said, even during the first few days (even with just the evening audio) you can appreciate the first benefits - as reported by several users of Audio Food Revolution.

Experiment and find the ideal solution.


Sources and resources (click to open)

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