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Is food always on your mind and you can't eat less and better?

Find out how to get a natural control of food and weight without diets thanks to the new holistic food counseling to self-manage effectively yours supply

Find out how to get a natural control of food and weight without diets thanks to the new holistic food counseling to self-manage effectively yours supply

You will have access to information tools e operational state-of-the-art self-help to regain control of your nutrition and life since first day


Rome (RM)

"My life in a short time has undergone an exceptional transformation. Day after day I have regained a healthy relationship with food. IS it was the best choice I made in my life."

Dr. Manuel Casadei

Biologist and holistic food consultant

  • Self "you've tried them all" for eat less is better, but nothing seems to last long enough to lead you to the results you want.
  • If you are tired of constantly struggling withyo-yo effect, which only makes weight loss efforts increasingly ineffective.
  • If you no longer want to base your food choices on the wave of emozioni changeable, nor give in each time to the "irresistible" desire produced by certain high-calorie foods.

Then this is the time to implement a different strategy, starting from the foundations, that is, yours internal resources

You can use these food difficulties to encourage authenticity spiritual evolution, which will give you access to a dimension of inner serenity from which you will take more functional decisions to your well-being.

Every challenge in life has a hidden purpose: to spur you on to evolve

If to date you have not achieved the stable results you were hoping to achieve with diets, this has happened because diets, taken alone, work at a level. superficial, while to improve your nutrition in a stable way you need an authentic inner transformation

Basically, if you are now the type of person who finds some fulfillment in overeating, you can turn into kind of person who likes to eat well and take care of your well-being.

You can also reserve some food pleasure, enjoying these moments in a normal, healthy and balanced way; without excesses, putting into action what I call control-without-control.

The integrated holistic method that I am presenting to you here has exactly this goal: a delicate and profound inner transformation in relationship with food and with the body. 

You will learn how to use the power of awareness to stop immediately any habitual dysfunctional pattern that is pulling you away from your goals of welfare and healthy weight loss

In this way you will be able to carry on whatever eating style you want and you will be able to manage with equilibrium any food, being able to indulge in your favorite foods without overdoing it.

there advanced techniques, still virtually unknown to the general public which, once learned and put into practice, allow you to self-manage your diet in a natural and functional way to your goals welfare e healthy weight loss

I told you about achieving a healthy and normal relationship with food and with the body. But specifically, how can I help you conquer this condition? I use a 3-step method and ha tried to function More and more times...

Phase 1 - Deactivation survival mode

In this phase we will deal with getting out of the "survival mode" in which the animal brain takes over your behavior. 

Without this first step, the next ones would have no effect.

Phase 2 - Metamorphosis habits and interruption of the specific triggers that lead to overeating

In this phase we will defuse what now unconsciously triggers the dysfunctional eating behaviors as: 

Eating excessively, eating too often compared to real needs, using an excess of unhealthy and high-calorie food. 

Phase 3 - Progression and stabilization of results, advanced techniques of awareness and management of internal resources in a holistic perspective

In this phase we will work on establishing a system of new healthy habits aligned with your personal tastes. This is the work on the mind

In addition, thanks to the use of advanced awareness techniques, we will also go "beyond the mind"In the realm that exists beyond the mind, all the suffering associated with one's existential condition does not exist. 

In fact, ultimately, inner suffering is generated only and exclusively by the unconscious patterns of egoic mind that we are used to considering as normal.

About me and why I tell you about this self-help based approach HOLISTIC FOOD CONSULTING?

Dr. Manuel Casadei

I am Manuel Casadei and I am a biologist at address molecular.

Da 30 years I passionately follow the themes of healthy nutrition and natural remedies. I have been practicing yoga since I was 14. I am the author of the blog manuelcasadei.com which today counts more than 20.000 members.

For the past few years I have been doing one specific training in the USA relating to coaching for food self-control at the famous psychologist and best-selling author prof. Glenn Livingston.

Binge Eating What to Do: The main skill you need to acquire to break free from binges

If you want to break the cycles of bingeing and restriction holistically, here's what the main skill you should learn is.

Sulforaphane produced by crucifers: how to multiply their protective strength up to 100 times

Crucifers (like kale and broccoli) are exceptionally protective plants, but almost all of them get only a fraction of their benefits.

A 5-step stoic exercise to increase self-control during meals

Here is a 5-step stoic exercise to gain greater self-control during meals and to stop bingeing cycles holistically.

"Okay, it sounds interesting. But who can guarantee me this holistic food counseling do you really work? "

You have to know that in the past two years I have been involved in a dedicated way in the publication of digital content and online consultancy / coaching in the field offood self-control

I have created a multimedia program called LoveYourSelf, with hundreds of customers assets. Who have experienced the change in the food sector I am talking about.

Their evidence, which you find further down this page, clearly, honestly and unequivocally attest to the positive transformation this method has brought to their lives.  


Grosseto (GR)

"As very rarely and rarely happens, it has begun the turning point of my life, so much so that I'm still incredulous thinking about it. F.acendo a simple practical example: -6kg in less than 4 weeks, not to mention the psychophysical well-being.

Lo cI recommend to you who for years have not been able to have serenity and tranquility with food, to you who think about food every hour of your day and with it try to appease your strong emotions ... 

... se you want to find that calm and naturalness in being able to choose what to eat, in enjoy a meal away from home and in understanding what physiological hunger is far from the mechanisms of binges."



"Sin the first week I started to get better. I learned to turn off that animal part of my brain and take control of my behaviors by activating the rational part: the human one.

I discovered the cause that triggered that harmful habit and I rescheduled my activities so as not to fall back into that trap. I eliminated the binge eating as early as the third week losing 5 kg.

I have obtained several benefits but the ones that I think are the most essential are: being able to curb the urge to binge, gain more self-esteem and love me more."


Arezzo (AR)

"Hi Manuel, I wanted to thank you for the journey I have made and above all for the result.

It was just a bad memory, I'm fine, my mind is clear, a lot of energy and i'm doing a lot of sports.

Thank you very much for your help and all the ideas you gave me to work on myself. Your journey was a real turning point!"

* given the individual specificities and the different propensity to consistently perform the exercises suggested within the counseling, the results may be different in each user *

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Disclaimer: there is no diagnosis or therapy. This service falls within the scope of holistic treatments for the well-being of the person.

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