Are you ready to stop bingeing and emotional feeding ... and finally have a normal, simple and lovable relationship with your body and food? (you can also lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way)

Dr. Manuel Casadei - biologist and holistic food consultant

Your path to definitive food freedom



From this moment on you are no longer forced to keep everything inside for fear of being judged. Now you can share your experience and your daily life freely and without veils within the (private) LoveYourSelf community, where no will judge you ... 

... on the contrary, sharing your thoughts and feelings with the other participants, if you wish to do so, represents a constructive opportunity to catalyze positive change - in synergy with the many tools of personal transformation that you will have access to.

From: Manuel Casadei - biologist and holistic nutritional consultant

I am about to present you the model for your new Ultimate Food Freedom that I have called LoveYourSelf with holistic rational method: The step by step plan that will help you conquer knowledge e interior strenght that you need to free yourself from any dysfunctional dynamics related to food and body.

While the exclusively rational-scientific method can turn into something dry and the holistic one in the strict sense can lead to pindaric flights of the imagination ...

Il holistic rational method it is founded on the solid foundations of modern neuroscience and rational psychology, integrated with the authentic holistic tradition - in which the human being is seen as a system made up of different levels interconnected and integrated with the surrounding universe.

Dear friend,

Are you going through a period of loss about food? 

If you have enough and feel ready for a big change, then you are in the right place.

My name is Manuel and I'm a molecular biologist, author of the blog From 28 years I am passionate about healthy nutrition and natural remedies. Study and experiment the best natural methods to achieve freedom and balance for the mind and body. 

You must know that, following a traumatic family event, I too, during my adolescence, went through a period of total bewilderment about food and the inner balance that lasted 10 years. 

I tried EVERYTHING that was possible to experiment, without success. Until I finally managed to define a method that brought me back to conquering indescribably satisfying control and freedom. 

Since then, everything has become easy, balanced and healthy with regards to food and respect for my body. I reveal it in the free instructional video that you can see on this page.

When you have learned the same method, you will discover how simple it can actually be to stop the bingeing cycles and the yo-yo effect in a holistic and natural way. 

I want you too to gain the same freedom, satisfaction and well-being. 

When you have seen the video above, and you will feel ready to put an end to the frustration caused by a dysfunctional relationship with food and the body, and you want to quickly access a new life full of freedom, then book your place for the session LoveYourSelf telephone strategy by clicking on the orange button above. 

YOU WILL LEARN TO LOVE YOU MORE By implementing this strategy, a natural and irresistible desire to take care of yourself and your well-being at 360 ° will arise in you.

BODY & MIND BALANCE You will learn to make your own sacred space and time, outside of any stress or problem, to build your new psychophysical balance.

PULSE CONTROL In addition to gaining total control over the impulses, the impulses themselves will be reduced over the weeks until they disappear.

NUTRITION AND INTEGRATION You will discover the fantastic world of healthy eating and natural remedies as a valid support for lifestyle changes. 

SUPPORT GROUP You will have access to the private LoveYourSelf group with exclusive content and the possibility to compare yourself with the other participants of the program.

SUPPORT CHAT 24 / 7 You will never be left to yourself on this holistic path to lifestyle transformation. You will have instant support chat available 24 hours a day.

Psychologist Ruth Lansdell is also on the LoveYourSelf Program team with specific clinical experience in the field of eating disorders. We both share the same type of approach to binge eating. 

"Before graduating in psychology, I worked as a mental health professional for ten years. During this time, I worked in the hospital in the psychiatric department of eating disorders, as well as privately with people suffering from eating disorders. From these experiences, I have acquired valuable information on the many challenges that people suffering from eating disorders face on a daily basis and on the factors that most affect their recovery."Ruth

Learn now the advanced strategies to achieve Ultimate Food Freedom e lose weight automatically!


Now let's let it be the results to speak...

"I finished the program 4 months ago, and I must say that my life in a short time has undergone an exceptional transformation. Day after day I regained a healthy relationship with food, I got involved and I followed all the advice I read in the program and I saw that every day things got better, my way of thinking was changing!!!!

... At first I was a little doubtful if it could be a valid thing, if it really could work, but in the end I decided to try to get involved and give myself another chance to gain the much desired freedom from food, and I have to say that it was the best choice I made in my life. It is a program that I would recommend to all women who are in conflict with food...

... It is a path that allows you to make changes in a natural way and each person can follow their own rhythms, but without ever feeling alone, because there is the possibility of being able to have interviews with Manuel, to be able to compare with other women who are doing or have done the program, with whom I have confided and supported in my path, indeed even I still do today.

Those who suffer from binge eating or eating disorders often feel alone, they don't know who to talk to because they think they are not understood because they feel a little wrong, but in these cases the opposite happens. we can speak freely knowing that those who listen to us know very well what we are talking about.

Thank you LoveYourSelf for making my life better. "Sara Giacobbi - Rome (RM)

"LoveYourSelf is not only a program that is much more than valid and suited to these types of problems, but it was also the only project with which I personally managed to find benefit and in which they were included totally revolutionary and suggestive notions

Thanks above all to Manuel - creator of the program - every topic that is inside comes alive with energy, managing to load up the willpower that each of us has but which cannot always be used easily.

Being a career skeptic, I was the first to initially be wary of an online path focused on binges, it seemed surreal to me. Convincing myself, I started it and from there, as very rarely and rarely happens, it started the turning point of my life, so much so that I'm still incredulous thinking about it. 

All this simply to make it clear that there is help! The tools needed to get out of dysfunction cycles are there! It's up to you to decide to discover them and put them into action!

Absolutely yes I would recommend it, I have already recommended it to many people! From the astounding results I got (giving a simple practical example: -6kg in less than 4 weeks, not to mention mental and physical well-being) I would like to have a megaphone to be able to recommend the program to all those who know how uncomfortable it can be with certain mechanisms.

I recommend starting to follow the LoveYourSelf program to you who for years have not been able to have serenity and tranquility with food, to you who think about food every hour of your day and with it try to appease your strong emotions, to you who want find that calm and naturalness in being able to choose what to eat, in enjoying a meal outside the home and in understanding the physiological hunger far from the mechanisms of binges. 

I would invite you to reflect on every day in which it seems to you that you are dragging an anvil that by now has taken possession of you and of your whole life; while being aware that it only leads you to digression, you continue to drag it by increasing its heaviness. I suggest you try this program for you who feel alone and unique within the taboo of binge eating and binge eating in order to understand that it is anything but!

Try starting the LoveYourSelf journey simply because you will see for yourself, without much chatter, how much the program hits the spot right from the first week and then you'll let me know !! " Laura Moretti - Grosseto (GR)


--- The results may be different for each user ---

What they say about Manuel

Don't postpone your authentic anymore psychological well-being. You too start learning advanced strategies to stop binges immediately e lose weight automatically.